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So I did a full week of cutting out Lactose whilst I was away in Scotland and then had a cup of coffee with milk in it this morning as I’d forgotten to buy soya. Not only did it do horrendous things to me physically but I also didn’t like the taste of it and have no desire to have cows milk ever again.  I used to think soya in tea… gross.  Now it has to be soya in everything or it doesn’t taste right.  I would now rather have a black coffee or go without coffee than have coffee with milk in it. Long live soya! I’ll miss cheese the most and yoghurt but I won’t miss feeling like crap every day!  Luckily I’m alright with Feta Cheese so I can still have those scrummy Greek salads.

A running friend called Joe once said, ‘stop eating the shit that makes you ill’ so this is me making a crack at New Year’s Resolution #3 Focus on bettering nutrition.  This week I’m focusing on phasing out Gluten because as well as being Lactose Intolerant I’m also Gluten Intolerant to the extent it gives me migraines and makes me feel like I have a cold if eat too much of it.

Also gluten free, wheat free, nut free, egg free, milk free and salt free organic pasta tastes terrible although the Tomato, Garlic and Olive Pesto saved it by giving it some much needed flavour.  It sounds like such a magical thing to be free of everything but it’s a poor imitation of the real thing.  It takes absolutely forever to cook as well even though the instructions said 4-7 minutes this was a lie.

Whilst on this track I found a few tasty recipes.  Mostly to do with bacon as I had a pack of it that needed using up in the fridge and I hate to waste something so tasty.  These have become favourites because they are quick and free of the things I’m allergic too whilst packing in layers of interesting flavour.

Sweet Potato Scrummy

ChopSweetPotatoBaconFryUpped Sweet Potatoes

4 rashers of good quality bacon

A handful of raisins

A sprinkle of Soy Sauce (check to make sure it’s one that doesn’t contain allergens)

2 chopped spring onions.

Olive oil for frying

Chop into small cubes and boil the sweet potatoes in a saucepan.  On the side fry some cut up bacon until cooked.  Once ready drain the sweet potatoes and add to the pan to lightly fry them with the bacon.  Then chuck in the raisins and spring onions for the last couple of minutes and dash in the soy sauce to preference.  Layer up in a bowl and tuck in!

The inspiration for this recipe came whilst on holiday in Centre Parks where a side dish was sweet potato hash with gammon pieces, cranberries and maple syrup.  I found the mix perfect for a sweet side but wanted to develop something that would suit a larger main dish with a savoury edge.  With that in mind one Friday night whilst craving a takeaway I came up with this to satisfy the sweet tooth without over doing it.

Homemade Butternut Squash, Bacon and Pine Nut Soup

ButternutBaconSoup1 handful of pine nuts

4 rashers of bacon

1 Butternut Squash

Lactose Free Philadelphia

Half a pint veg or chicken stock

Sprinkle of dried Italian Herbs


Bring a pan with the stock to the boil and add the prepared Butternut Squash.  Simmer until cooked.  On the side fry chopped up pieces of bacon until cooked.  Drain out the Butternut Squash retaining enough of the stock to produce the consistency that you want for your soup.  With a hand blender or smoothie maker blitz Butternut Squash and bacon together.  Ladle into a bowl and sprinkle on the herbs and pine nuts.  These can be lightly toasted if you prefer a more smoked crunch.  I added to the side a dash of Lactose Free Philadelphia to stir in.  Beautiful nutty meaty soup.  They also make very good balanced recipes to prepare for a work out or after one because they are a blend of carbs and protein.