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Goal:  5k a day meaning 21.7 miles for the week


On Monday I ran 5k around the Downs in the evening after a frustrating day at work and grocery shop as I had energy to burn.  So I resisted an invitation to the local pub for Quiz Night from my housemate and laced up my trainers.  I braced myself for the cold frosty night with the full moon hanging out overhead.

I’ve been ill for three weeks with flu and a kidney infection so I’ve only done a few light training sessions to keep up with my Jantastic targets.  I think I was starting to get endorphin withdrawal because Monday I was grumpy as anything and lowest that I’ve felt in a while.  This past week I’d had to throw in a Joker.  Despite that I got 100% for January.  This is way better than last year when I gave up at week two!

I wasn’t up for a hard core track session with Bristol and West this week due to this training lapse so I ran a gentle 29.35.1 to get back into the swing of things.  It was dark and cold getting close to minus temperatures.   I’d clearly gone at #runninghour because the streets were so full of runners I ended up thinking ‘bugger it!’ and running through the park itself on the grass so as not to have to worry about avoiding other runners.  Living here is really like living in some kind of Runners Central.

I hit the hills near the University for some intervals.  It was great fun running at full speed trusting my night vision and instincts.  For the last leg I switched to the path again and started trying to pick off runners in front of me, speeding up to overtake them, until I reached home exhausted but feeling fantastic.  I recovered with a lavender bath to relax the muscles and a large bowl of heart-warming Tomato and Basil Soup.

I obliviously ran past my running friend and blogger Liam who was 30 seconds off his 5k PB.  Inspired by him and my other running friend and blogger Matt who last week clocked a sub 20 5k at the Aztec West 5k I’m thinking of following their determination to crack a good time on the short distance.  My PB for 5k is currently 26.36.6 clocked at Ashton Court Park Run over the summer.  Influenced by their sheer determination I want to try and get a new PB on my 5k.  I plan to run 5k a day for the week to see if I feel any better to running daily like some athletes do.

Tonight I did my second 5k, this time a road run in around the same time as last night but it felt steady so I know when I’m feeling well I can push harder.

Go hard, or go home!