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Distance: 9 miles

Time: 01:32:00

Elevation: Gain 163 ft Loss 396 ft

Weather: 3 Degrees Centigrade

Why walk down Memory Lane when you can run it?

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  I  chose to run 9 miles of significant life locations up until I was about eighteen; schools, places of work, homes etc.  I didn’t manage to cover everything but it was a great feeling remembering where things are that I’ve not seen for years.

For example this is the Birdcage up by my first nursery in Clifton.

BirdcageOne of my presents was a yoga mat.  I intend to try to build yoga back into my daily routine. For years it was a staple.  Then I found running and forgot about it but stretching is equally important to avoid tight muscles.  I’m looking forward to getting used to it again!

It’s safe to say after 9 chilly miles I deserved this Gluten Free chocolate and peanut butter cake made by my friend Brendan and burgers and a few drinks with good family and friends.  So yummy and we all know chocolate is good for recovery.  Peanut butter is a good source of protein which each spoon containing about 8 grams of the stuff.


Lovely day all round!