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IMG_20150111_130925After a 13 hour drive to Relugas Mill in the very North of Scotland yesterday Steve and I needed to stretch our legs.

So this afternoon after lunch we took a Thermos of hot chocolate and went on a little trail adventure down to the Findhorn River from Relugas Mill.  We covered about 5k together.  I ran further along in various sections to get the trail training in – Steve doesn’t run.  It was a game of run a head and catch up!

I have many happy memories from family trips fishing around here.  It was nice to come back as a runner and jog sections of it.  It felt like stepping into Narnia with the forestry and the snow melting off the trees.  You could understand why people would dream up monsters around here with this scenery to build from!

IMG_20150111_132641Of course it was a little treacherous in some places with the rocks being wet with the melt.  I was incredibly grateful for my trail shoes.  It meant I did not slip in the snow on downhill sections.  As amber weather warnings for wind had raged around the North through Friday and Saturday there were quite a few fallen trees. One of which we had to climb underneath to get to the river and quite a few along the trail we intended to follow so we only did a few miles in the end not wanting to push our luck with Mother Nature.  In the bitter cold it was as tiring as doing more.  I was just happy enough to get the trail training in for the techniques so I went slowly.  More of a sectioned jog really than a run but that seems to be the nature of most trail runs.


Definitely earned that hot chocolate!