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Running folk lead a busy lifestyle, that much is obvious.  We’re not just runners.  We tend to be trying to fit running around our day jobs, night jobs, weekend jobs, extra jobs, good will efforts, family commitments, friends and, well, eating.  A bunch of articles out there will tell you grazing is better than large meals, but finding a process that suits you is best, regardless of whatever diet is all the rage.

We like to do that.  Eat.  It’s hard to eat healthily though.  A lot of battle an emotional relationship with food.  As an ex bulimic I am no exception.  I have to battle the desire to down a whole packet or eight of Custard Creams in one sitting sometimes.  There are small things that can help such as a hoard of healthy snacks in the cupboard.

Enter the Graze box.  They’ve been sneaking onto the office desks of snack savvy workers for the past few years now.  Standard sized and bulk snack packs have even made their way to the shelves of Sainsbury’s so their popularity is on the rise.  I thought I’d reboot my subscription after another dip in my health meant that regular snacking was the only way I could really eat and I didn’t want it to be all chocolate since I couldn’t run as much.  Just some of it. 20171002_171851_001

I signed up for the Protein Box and it’s frankly lovely getting a box through the post every Monday.  Not a bill or a bit of junk mail.  A box of four snacks that you can carry in your handbag per day for your snack emergencies … we all have them.  That’s when that Kit Kat looks so pleasing.

A few favorites so far;

  • Cocoa and Vanilla Flapjacks – deliciously like rice chocolate crispie cakes with a
  • good blend of chocolate and grains.
  • Mississippi BBQ Pistachios – smoky and perfect for veggies that might miss a meat flavour, eaten in about ten seconds flat.  Shell first if taking for a run.
  • Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie – suggest eating by the handful with a large cup of tea.  Delightfully moreish.
  • Cherry and Almond Bites with Green Tea – great combination.
  • Peanut Butter Dipper – great snack pack for studying, could use a larger box!
  • Honey and Lemon Protein Balls – fantastic for the on the run, just zip in a zip lock and go!

For the sake of a few quid each week which is, lets face it, the cost of a pint, the delight of having a box of treats isn’t much of a cost.  If you’re low on funds you can always find small packs of mixed fruits and nuts in every good supermarket section and decant into small pots or zip lock bags.  It’s quite nice working your way through all the snacks with Graze as you get to rate them so your box shouldn’t contain any you’re not keen on over time.  It’s all trial and error, it’s going well so far.

Happy Running,