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On Saturday 30th of September I actually felt good enough for a parkrun.

There was no Personal Best in sight.  I was happy to just be up and out in the glorious autumn morning without feeling ill for once.  It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of being fast, better or competitive.  I didn’t wish to risk any pain or not be able to finish so I kept a pace slower than usual with the knowledge that no one would mind.  There would still be runners at my speed.  There was no risk of getting left behind.

I met a runner indulging in some parkrun tourism and she noted a lot of people use parkrun/running to battle/manage their own conditions.


The result was parkrun 13 was not a lucky fast PB.  It was in fact my slowest ever parkrun.  I have however reached my average yearly quota of four parkrun’s a year so any parkrun’s I complete after this for the rest of 2017 will be a bonus and contribute to my challenge of adding more parkrun’s to the schedule.

It’s ok to not be fast, and it’s ok to just do your best.

It’s a run, not a race.

Happy running,