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Mo Farah is the living embodiment of go hard or go home but that Athletic pack at the Championships sure did give him a run for his money.  They were like gazelles out there on the track, feet barely touching the ground, brows not even breaking a noticeable sweat.  Mo Farah runs 135-200 mile weeks depending on the article you read and in which point in his training it’s written.

Championship week asks questions about your own limits in training.  Serious questions when some Athletes are throwing mileage figures like that.  Strava says my weekly mileage is up to 13.1 miles now which was my weekly New Years’ Resolution. Week before last I did 14.44 miles.

A combination of physiotherapy and this half marathon plan has seen an increase in miles.  It might not seem like much.  The last time I managed 14.44 miles for the week was the first week of August 2017.  This shows white how much my back giving out effected my running.  I couldn’t run even 10 miles for a year.

I now have renewed determination to fit in my weekly mile target.  Everyone has to evaluate their own limits of what go hard or go home means to them.  It’s a balance of keeping motivated whilst knowing your own body so that it’s a safe progression.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my old running ways of 30 mile weeks. Last week I did 20 miles including two 20 mile days of field work at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.  As part of my finding my limits I’ve made an internal agreement to walk sessions if I can’t run them so I’m still doing the miles.  When I can’t walk run.  When I can’t run walk. I’m now an Admin and Marketing Assistant for Bailey Balloons so getting used to a new part-time schedule along with the fun of juggling summer term break.

Happy running,