I’ve been quite busy, honestly.  Despite the strange weather that is making it seem like April in near-August with it’s sunny spells and unannounced downpours playing havoc with hay fever.  Finding the right weather window has been tricky.

I got round to actually registering for the Bristol Half Marathon as I’d only popped it in the calendar before.  I did a long run of 10k on Tuesday.  I timed it awfully and gave myself only half an hour to get ready for a family trip to the Zoo so I need to remember to schedule better now its summer holiday.

I got round to renewing my membership at Southville Running Club.  Last Tuesday I went for a four miler with the club’s beginners group in the humid head.  Following it with a nice cold pint afterwards back at base felt truly wonderful.  I’m putting regular club appearances on the agenda along with last blogs promise of regular parkrun’s.  I can’t do every week but i’ll at least make an effort to give them more time.

Last on the to-do list of running I got round to signing up for the Portsmouth Marathon 2017.  Not having a marathon on my calendar was starting to make me feel uncomfortable.  I don’t want to break a currently four year streak by not doing a marathon.  Because Portsmouth is mid-December it gives me time to recover from the Half Marathon before I ramp the training back up in Autumn.  It’s UK based so should be sensible health wise relieving any out of the country travel stress.  After the two previous visits to the event I’m familiar with the course.  I’ll be aiming to beat my previous best time set on the course of 5 hours and 15 mins.

Additionally I’ll be trying to get the most rum, Mulled Wine and brandy out of the race entry that I can physically muster without feeling unwell … something has to make up for the fact that the Portsmouth Coast will be in my shoes for 26.2 winter coast miles ….

You can register here – http://www.fitprorob.biz/portsmouth-coastal-waterside-marathon-2015/

Happy running,