This review is a little late but better late than never …

Runners of the Bristol 10k were blessed with beautiful sunshine on Sunday May 15th 2016. After a light breakfast of toast I strolled down to the Waterfront Hub Bristol Energy’s new office which was perfectly located for the run today.  The Bristol Energy 10k team met there relatively early and chatted over cups of tea and smoothie fruit before heading out to our various start pens.

10kpbOnce I got to the start line I just had to think that it was only a 5k until I was on the way to the finish line.  I switched up my Garmin screens to focus on per mile than overall distance.  This was a great stress reliever.  It meant I just focused on my yoga breathing and let the body take me on the hot journey from start to finish enjoying each mile individually.  Before I knew it I was at the end again.

It was my best friend Kat’s birthday club night the night before so I had to go out.  I tried my best to call it an early night at midnight but got in when the birds started singing… whoops.  So despite rolling in at 3 am I only went and got a Personal Best of 55:42:0 at Bristol 10k.  How this happened is beyond me considering I was sleep deprived.

As my first race since being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome this couldn’t have gone better if I’d planned it.

The best bit was as I collected my medal a guy stopped me and thanked me for being his unofficial pacer and helping him get his Personal Best!  Well done to you runner and thank you for including me in your day!

Holly met me at the finish line and enjoyed the pedal powered smoothies at the Hub shopfront! We then went off to the Watershed with the team to celebrate! What an amazing day!

Having checked the Bristol Mind fundraising page we raised a giant £1 000 for the local branch of the charity fighting for mental health which is so important.  This will be matched by Bristol Energy and sent to the charity directly.  Thanks so much to all those who donated with pounds or kind words 🙂

Happy running,