The Bristol 10k is a race that has been on my schedule since I first started running back in 2013.  It’s local, a friendly event, and fast enough to try for a PB on.  This year is a bit special for me.

I wrote an executive paper to my employers (Bristol Energy) suggesting that setting up a team for the Bristol 10k would be a fantastic endeavor for our first fundraising effort in the local community.  The idea got accepted and I quickly began bothering my colleagues into running it.

I’ve talked about Bristol Energy in my posts a few times but in case you missed the low down:  ‘Launched earlier this year, Bristol Energy, the city’s newest gas and electricity supplier is hoping to save people money on their energy bills. We will be a force for social good too by offering fair, transparent tariffs, championing social equality and reinvesting profits back into its founding city.’

We voted for Bristol Mind as our charity, mental health being close to our hearts.  Bristol Mind works to raise awareness, reduce stigma and promote good emotional and mental health.  Founded in 1965 it is completely independent of the better known National Mind so it receives no fundraising help from them.  This means that all our local fundraising efforts would go directly to the local Bristol Mind.

Visit the Bristol Energy 10k Team Fundraising page – £165 raised so far.

We have such a mixed team and I’m really proud of everyone who has signed up, some of them last minute.  I’m gunning for 55 minutes (a runner at my club says I should go for 52 but lets not push it …) but the idea of being able to raise so much that will be matched by the business is enough in itself.

So we’ll see you very soon on the starting line May 15th.  Our Bristol Energy Hub is right round the corner on the Waterfront if you want to know more.  We’ll be in Bristol Energy shirts on the day!

Happy Running,

Ella & The Bristol Energy 10k Team

Want to know more?

You can watch our Bristol Energy video (that I’m in!) here;

Or visit our website;