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  1. Drink more water
  2. Eat less sugar
  3. Be more green and renewable friendly
  4. Attend Parkrun once a month
  5. Remember to stretch after a work out/do more yoga
  6. Dig bike back out of the shed and become a confident cyclist.

On the list for 2016’s New Years Resolutions is to drink more water.  Due to IBS I’m now down to three cups of coffee or tea per day by instinct.  I’d like to make sure that what I’m drinking in between isn’t full of sugar which ties into my other resolution of cutting down on sugar.

Drinking more water and cutting down sugar aren’t really measurable resolutions unless you have an App for that but it seems an important thing to consider generally.  It’s about making the right choices.  I’m not going to commit to cutting out sugar entirely because I love Custard Creams so that’s just crazy talk.  Plus cutting things out entirely can be bad anyway.  But sugar isn’t great for the abs and I’m trying to give them a helping hand.

20151227_115625On Boxing Day I bought this nifty purple Water Infuser from Triton on Amazon.  Now our Office Assistant has one and my Team Leader has one on delivery.  They are trending as the idea has caught on.  They handily come in different colours so we know whose is whose.  At the price of £10 it seems a worthwhile investment.

Since I purchased it I’ve tried a different infusion each day keeping it varied with the flavours is good for you.  It means you’re getting in the goodness of different vitamins. So far I’ve tried; strawberry, lime and orange, plum, lemon and ginger, cucumber and ginger.   I aim to always use what is in my fridge so that way I’m being more green by avoiding food waste.  Odd fruits, hers, and spices combine to make tasty water.

Does it work?  Yes, I’ve found I’m less likely to seek out alternative drinks if I have the Infuser with me.  I’m buying and drinking less sugary or caffeinated drinks.  At the moment I’m downing two of them a day.  This is more than I would drink with just the odd glass of water to throughout the day because it’s readily available.

I’ve been in the habit of leaving it at work but it’s perfect for at home workouts, the gym or yoga.  It’s not so great for running with because it’s quite chunky.  Running with it would be a bit of a chore.

Happy New Year,