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Count: 536.8 miles

Time: 95 hours 40 minutes running time

Elevation Gain: 27, 172 ft elevation

Interesting to see that I did these miles in far less running time than last year.  It might not have been more miles due to injury.  Last year I did 546 miles in 142 hours which is a great deal more running time.  Now, whether that’s due to the elevation of those miles, or the training time, I’m covering nearly the same amount of ground in quicker time.

This is a considerable improvement either way you look at it.

Kilian Jornet shared an interesting tool that calculates your carbon footprint on his Facebook page. My footprint is 6.62 metric tons per year.  Only 1.1 metric tons higher. The average footprint for people in the United Kingdom is 9.80 metric tons so at least I’m doing better than average – I hope that my run commuting helped towards that a lot in 2015.

You can check yours out here; http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx

Being more green is a resolution for 2015 and fitness lifestyle plays a huge part in that.  What’s your carbon footprint?  Do you plan to be greener in 2016 and how will you do it?  Working for an energy company has really made me think about my impact.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic running year!