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The night before the Bristol 10k my housemate Anna, Matt and I went to Preggo a local Italian restaurant to carb up the proper way.    Preggo

I woke up and dressed at 7;30 am and had a breakfast of Nutella on toast and a banana.  My housemate Anna drove us to town and parked close by so that it was just a small walk to @Bristol which was the Runner’s Village for the Bristol 10k.  After around half an hour Red numbers started filing out and the Yellow warm up began on the big screen.  I saw plenty of Ovo Energy Runners in their white and green shirts. I sported my Bristol and West AC one of course.

Because I woke up with flu I didn’t push for a PB in the end and decided to enjoy the run.  As I broke my PB at the Bath Two Tunnels run two weeks ago I felt I didn’t need to push myself too hard and focused on keeping a steady pace and enjoying it.  I listened to Rammstein, Eisenfunk and Combichrist to motivate me along the way to keep the energy going.  That being said weaving through the slower runners was a problem and I think that kept my pace from hitting maximum more than anything else so I will ask to transfer back over to the Red group next year.  I was having to use the pathways instead of the roads to overtake because I couldn’t get through.

As usual the support from friends, family and the sea of faces in the crowd was overwhelming.  The drummers at the bridge at just before 5 miles was a real pace kicker just towards the end.  I saw Dad with the dog Lilly just before turning into the center.

Faolan and my daughter Holly met me at the Finish line where I collected my medal, shirt and bag.  This years SolarPowergoodies were Fudge bars, Freddos, and Bourbon bisccuits.  Also that really gross coconut water.  I finished in 58:30:00 so not a PB but considering how horrible I was feeling I’m surprised I did that well.  Still a sub 60 Liam reminded me helpfully.    Anna finished in 1:10 minutes.  It’s all about personal achievements and limits and I think we both felt pretty victorious to have got through it!

Afterwards we wBristol10k2015ent back home to change and then I took the family out for a recovery lunch at Giraffe were I promptly downed a Mango Mama smoothie and a devoured half Piri Piri Chicken with skin on Fries.  Holly was given a half dozen Giraffe’s in different colours by the waitress so as far as she was concerned it was a successful day.  For desert we ventured to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts.

Once home I fell asleep to rest and the flu followed me through until Wednesday.   My Art Culture exam was Tuesday which meant I was that person that sneezes and coughs all the way through it.  I get my results out mid July but for now summer has begun!

My next race is the Westonbirt 10k on Monday 8th.  These people help make sure specimens of trees don’t die out so you can hug them and share the love! Also Westonbirt is gorgeous and mostly supported by this charities donations so it needs your help!  Please donate using this fundraising page if you can.  Thank you!