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I find myself asking what next? I’ve trained from sofa to marathon in ten months.  To date I’ve run 6 marathons; Portsmouth Waterside Coastal marathon x3, Scafell Pike Mountain Marathon, Bath Running Festival Marathon, Athens Classic Marathon and the Alexander The Great Marathon.  My personal best marathon time is 5 hours 13 minutes as clocked at Portsmouth in 2014.  I’m by no means done running yet.  I just find myself acknowledging that running has made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.  It’s taken me to new heights, new places, I’ve made new friends.  I’ve experienced. That doesn’t just stop at running, surely?  I want to start with a new challenge.  I just need to figure out what.  Something that I’ll spend most of May brainstorming.  There’s more out there, I just know it!

I’ve been incredibly busy setting up the Ovo Running Club for the business I work for – Ovo Energy.   We have every other club that could be thought of accept a running one.  I’ve dedicated myself to lead one session a week and have been busy promoting and getting an idea of interest.  So far we have six members and a club session on Tuesday for 5K at lunch time I have to figure out a route for.  I’m glad to be giving something back to the running world.   1

As well as that I’ve signed up for the gym that we have in the basement.  £10 a month for unlimited use and free classes run by Nuffield Health personal trainers.  They set me up with a strength plan as I want to focus on muscle strength all round as I feel at the moment it’s all just in the legs.  I want to balance out a bit.

Nutrition wise I’m well into my second month of being a vegetarian.  I’m loving that vegetables now seem to have more flavor than before.  I tried a slice of bacon the other day and it didn’t agree with me like it once did so I think it’s cemented now.  This is what Eat and Run by Scott Jurek will do to you.  I doubt I’ll have the will to ever go vegan again as I love cheese too much.  Things change though so we’ll see!