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Two years ago this weekeastvilleparkbench I made the bat shit crazy decision to go for a run at 8am before my late shift. I did two miles. I needed to stop at every bench along the lake.

Yesterday I ran those two miles at the same pace namely because I was exhausted from spending several hours in A&E Monday evening with abdominal pains that they couldn’t diagnose as anything in particular after doing every test they could which was quite frustrating.  I am still getting the pains but not as strong an intensity and I’ve been told to manage things with Ibuprofen (Vitamin I) and Paracetamol.  As a runner your pain threshold gets higher so when something feels like pain that can’t just be shrugged aside as, “It’s cool, it’s temporary, pride lasts forever,” you know it’s trouble.  I used to shrug that quote off in races at early stages thinking it was just positive bullshit designed to make you feel better but slightly crappier about your effort.  These days I know that mantra really does work.  Even in day to day life.  Let alone when things are actually genuinely painful.  It helps provide a level of pain assessment.

It’s good to know two miles is no longer a challenge even with feeling like I do.  When I had ovary issues I still ran 5 miles with the club and came out with good times.  Does it give an extra level of determination.  Yes, I can get through this?! I can run twenty six point two miles.

Maybe in another two years I’ll be doing ultras? Who knows. The present is happier for that past decision. I’ve run along coasts in England, Scotland and France, ran up our highest summit, ran 5 marathons including the Athens Classic.  I’ve done things the sedentary me would never even have dreamed of.

If I’m in good shape for Alexander The Great Marathon I’m hoping for sub 5 hours.  This may be unrealistic because I’ve been too tired for long runs lately.  I’m still hopeful that somehow they’ll figure it out and I’ll be able to get back on form.  Resting is hard especially on sunny days when I think I could be running if I didn’t feel so tired!

Looking forward to what the gods have in store over the next few years!