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This is the build up of two years of running at the end of February.  I moved house last month and only just got round to putting up my plaque that I bought a year or so ago for displaying my medals.  I had my window open at the time which let the air in through the room.  As I went about tidying I heard the medals chiming away.  I was proud that my hard work not only created health and fantastic experiences but a sound I could listen too in the present even if the events are considered in the past.  It reminded me of wind chimes and it sounded beautiful.  Hard work makes a soft sounding music for something so tough.
IMG_20150214_110730Step 1: Watch an insane video where Kilian Jornet runs up Mount Olympus along the wrong route and still breaks his record.

Step 2: Think positive, ‘I can do that!’ start running every other day one cold day in late February.

Step 3: Run the Bristol 10k. Convince your other running buddies Liam and Matt that Olympus Marathon is a good idea whilst they’re recovering from the shock of their 10k victory. Whilst on a race high anything seems possible.

Step 4: Buy a fancy running medal display with a funky slogan on it to hang your bling on. Attach it on a wall between a cross breeze created by the window and the door. It doesn’t look like much now but you just wait!

Step 5: Continue to run races around the local area and the Athens Classic Marathon to collect medals. Pile them on the hooks one on top of the other.

Step 6: Open the window.

Step 7: Listen to the beautiful sound of your hard work as the wind catches the medals and chimes them together. Your dedication to your running is making that sound. Your alarm at 6 am telling you to get up and run. Your choice over what to eat and when in regards to how it will benefit your training is making that sound. Your experience whilst running 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra distances are making that sound. Your memories are making that sound. Your sweat is making that sound. Your success is making that sound. Remember that at the Start line of your next race. What tune will it make to you? Will you like its sound? There’s only one way to find out. Ready. Set. Run!