Jantastic is the new year challenge created by the fantastic people of Marathon Talk to get people focusing on their fitness during January – one of the darkest times of the year.


Last year I only saw the program through to January and only did three runs a week.

This year you can choose targets for running, swimming and cycling.  I will be aiming to do 5 runs a week and 2 cycling sessions a week as a minimum.  As part of my New Year’s Resolutions I aim to be run or cycle commuting as much as possible.  I should be getting my new Trek bicycle in the next few days so this should be more accessible.


As you can see a lot of my goals are fitness oriantated.  I am very motivated so I hope I can put my motivation where my mouth is and get these things done this year.  I’ve only ever sort of lazily bothered with eating the right foods having inherited a see food and eat it diet from my mother.  Hopefully the strength and muscle should come from the new gym my work are installing in the building in February but also from just generally exercising in a way that is more routine.

I also hope that all this will help me sleep more as I’ve been only getting about 5-6 hours a night which isn’t great.  Life is busy.  Sleep is still important.  I clearly need tiring out with all this running.  Sleep is an important part of recovery.  In theory all these things (and being a little creative on the side) should be able to build hand in hand with each other in the coming months.

Happy New Year,

Best of luck for all those having a bash with Jantastic!