A blisteringly hot June 2nd sun shone over competitors and spectators alike at Blenheim Palace Triathlon.  The event spread across the grounds of the palace.  The lake, the race village, the kit area.  Scope so wide that extra mileage was done just nipping to the swim start or the cycle start to see so and so off on their venture.

There was plenty for spectators to be occupied by.  A children’s race went on in the race village field.  Geese padded around in their flocks.  Rides, coffee, pop up bars, cuisine vans of all kinds building a lovely atmosphere.  I spent a well parted with £10 on an excellent back massage whilst waiting for my running start time.

The family was here to participate in Sprint: swim 750m; cycle 19.8km; run 5.4km.  We were two groups.  My dad did the swim (two, in fact), my brother the cycle and myself the running.  They joined me in the last stretch when I’d planned a sprint finish so got a bit of a surprise when I sped up.  10/10 for maximum family effort.

Afterwards I was gifted with a non alcoholic beer, made up for with Prosecco at the family gathering dinner afterwards.


Of course, they are already asking, ‘so, next year Tri?’

Well, I can’t say that seeing all these wonderful people race Triathlon isn’t inspiring because it very much is!  Some people were doing triathlon the whole weekend until they could triathlon no more which is incredible! (Weekend Warriors were they called?)  I did try to adapt to cycling a few years ago but I didn’t get on with it.  Admittedly, this may have been due to immediately going for an expensive and uncontrollable Mountain Bike and trying to do city cycles with it.  Anxiety got the better of me and after a few months of it sitting in the shed I sold it to a friend.

I could invest more time in swimming again and do the swim stretch next year, perhaps, or set my sights on an Aquathlon.  We’ll see what happens, but … maybe.  Not a straight off no which I probably would have said a few years ago if asked.  Funny how fitness obsessions change you as a person.  Before I started running I would have said no to someone asking me to run to a bus and now I’m saying maybe to more than running.  Where has running taken you?

Happy running,