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It finally feels like winter is starting to lose it’s dramatic battle with spring.

On the first day that felt a little spring-ish I dashed out for a run during my work from home lunch break.  Just a mile along my home road in the clear air with bright sunshine.  Warm sunshine would have been better.  The weather was such that if I had gone another mile then the tedious extra layers of the winter season training gear would not have been needed.

The mile had to be quick enough to get home in time to scoff a bacon sarnie before getting back to the computer for a meeting.  10:30m.  A mile is all it takes, isn’t it?

Just like sometimes a date is all it takes to fan a spark into romance a mile is all it takes to ignite a runner.  To free that runner from the darkness of winter training and propel them into what could be considered proper spring training.  Having only managed a few miles a week since New Year I felt I needed a push of inspiration especially since I’ve been feeling fatigue free of late.

That first spring mile logged on Strava was all it took.  It’ll become easier to be motivated as the light returns.  Easier to tie those shoes up in the morning.  Time begins to free up as nights are brighter.  As someone that presently has no time or cash for a comfortable treadmill this has deeply effected my training abilities which has meant my only options have been dark drizzly mornings or weekends.  I’m looking forward to the bountiful fitness options that spring and more time in natural light offer.