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Back in December 2015 I decided to leave Bristol and West Athletics Club.  My main reason was that their St George location made it difficult for me to get the any of the training sessions.  So I only went to a countable number of training sessions over the course of three years.  I’d made many great running acquaintances but didn’t feel like I was making the most of the membership.

Therefore, I advised Bristol and West AC of my intentions and left in December 2015.  In January 2016 I signed up for Southville Running Club.  I work very centrally and the base is round the corner from my family so this works out better for me.  It’s easier to get to sessions.  I get to drop in on my family more as an added bonus.  The Southville Secretary was very helpful in keeping me in the loop.

I had to send off a Change of First Claim form to England Athletics with a cheque  for £10.00 in order to do so after signing up for official Southville Running Club membership and the EA affiliation.  For three months I was without a Club and only attached to EA.  The last communication from EA said that they had sent ‘my decision’ to the committee who would decide within 14 days.

I’m not sure what takes them three months and 14 days to decide upon?  II paid them £10.00 for the privilege of choosing which Club I run with.  It should not take that long.  I finally officially joined Southville RC on April 1st.  As a runner I should just get to choose who I run with without it going to an additional decision maker who will take that long with a cost to allow it.  I’m not overly fast or an Elite so I’m sure my results won’t make much of a difference to the Club.

It seems daft when England Athletics have far more serious decision to contemplate like the Doping Scandal.  Has anyone else had such problems switching Clubs?  It’d be interesting to know.

Happy Running,