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‘Sometimes it’s not just about the goal it’s about the journey getting there,’ Sonia Samuels, UK world marathoner women’s 7th placer.  A quote from her interview with Marathon Talk this week.

I 100% agree with this. When I first started running three years ago it was with the goal of one day running the Olympus Marathon inspired by Kilian Jornet. I doubt I’ll be ready for that until 2017 but I’m going next year to spend a week on the mountain and train there.

I’ve had such a great journey so far learning to run.  I ran the Portsmouth Waterside Coastal Marathon, my first marathon, with only ten months training.  Sheer determination got me through it.  I’ve also enjoyed travelling to races with friends both locally and abroad (the fact that running is often a shared experience is wonderful) including the Athens Authentic Marathon and Alexander The Great Marathon.  I still haven’t managed to get into regular Parkrunning but it’s all a work in progress.  

I’ve also experienced quitting smoking, being injured and had onset from Scafell Pike agoraphobia so it’s come with both good and bad. BUT without that initial idea of hey, that mountain looks cool, there is so much life and experience I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t had my mind set on that crazy mountain.  I am truly grateful for Olympus Marathon inspiring me to become a better person than I was three years ago.  

Happy running,