Well, it’s only been the first week of the new training plan but it’s going well so far.  I’ve only ever followed plans for 5k, 10k and HM so following a plan is quite a challenge for me.  I’ve technically hijacked an intensive Marathon plan because the mileage looks about right for a 50k Ultra.  It’s only an extra 7ish miles… it’ll be fine, right?  Making sure I don’t skimp out on sessions and make excuses.  It’s also important to make sure of a good run/life balance.


I did 17 miles last week.  I thought the ITB Syndrome injury in my left leg, that I gained after running the Bath Hilly Half at the end of July, would hinder things but so far it’s held up okay.  I’m seeing a physiotherapist at The Medial once a week, as they do discounts for Bristol and West runners, for exercises and sports massage.  They are already seeing considerable improvement despite the fact that I haven’t stopped running.  I guess the exercises and constant foam rolling sessions are all contributing.

Wednesday 1st started out with Holly going back to school to start Year Four.  This means more time on my during the week days off work to write and run.  I did five GraveyardCatmiles around Eastville Park. Whilst I was out doing a lap of the graveyard to make up the last of my five miles run I got to a cross road in the path and low and behold a beautiful green eyed black cat. That was a nice witchy moment feels like a sign.

It has certainly began to feel more autumnal and you can already see the changes in the trees with conkers dropping early and leaves turning colours.  As I’m usually out the door for work at 7am I notice the mornings are colder, misty, and you can start to see your breath in the air.  It’s the start of stew weather.

Sunday was amazingly bright, warm and sunny.  I finally went out for a run with my housemate Anna.  We’d been meaning to do one, other than the May Bristol 10k race, actually together for a very long time.  We started out running into town together and then ran a portion of the Cycle Track.  Running at the speed of chat was something I hadn’t done for a while and on a long steady run it was really great to have company and be reminded to keep a steady pace.  It was hard work in the heat.  I did seven miles and Anna returned home to bring her run to ten miles.  Getting in that last long run is important for on the day confidence.  Especially for me as I’ve done nothing but short speedy sessions lately.

On to this week and I did a 3.1 mile evening run yesterday before starting to taper for the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday morning.  Beautiful run catching the last of the sunset before the stars came out. Startled a fox that was walking casually along a 7 foot high wall – as you do! Also saw a tiny baby bat flapping away chasing after its BristolBatdinner.  Not running after weeks of at least 10-13 mile weeks will be a tough one but I want fresh legs for Sunday so I have a chance of hitting my desired time of 2 hours 5 minutes.  Really, if I get a PB at all I’d be happy but as I’ve done lots of speed work lately as recovery process for ITB it’d be nice to clock close to the 2 hour mark.  Last years time was 2:12:40.

Happy Running,