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That’s it.  All packed.  Apart from a 5k tomorrow morning (to pre stretch my legs a head of a days travel in various tin travelling devices) that’s all the training done that I can.  More weekly training than for any previous marathon so I hope this makes a difference to my time.  I trained for Portsmouth Waterside Coastal Marathon on a mere ten miles per week.  This marathon, despite illness, I’ve been clocking thirteen miles a week average.  I’ve been trying to increase my speed and my mileage a little each week.

Tomorrow I head to Greece for the International Alexander The Great Marathon on Sunday which follows the birth route of Alexander from Palla to Thessaloniki.  I’m so excited to be going back to Greece again.

“You’ve done five of these, you’ll be fine!”  said my housemate this morning as she dropped me off to work.

I’ve been resignedly telling myself I’m happy to just finish rather than aim for the 5 hour goal I’ve been training for.  I’ve been a lot better health wise but I’m still worried about it.  My GP has cleared the run saying it shouldn’t make things worse because I’ve not felt anything whilst training.  There is still a worry.  My GP is quite helpful as he runs marathons as well so he knows what they’re like and he said, “Do it and give yourself the chance to finish it otherwise you won’t forgive yourself” I’ve been overwhelmed by support.  It’s nice to know people believe in me even when I have my doubts.  Which I do.  Frequently.  So here’s me with 5 hours back in my dreams.

ThessThe Face Book page for Thessaloniki reports that, “More than 20,000 runners, a new record number, are going to participate in the 10th International Marathon “Alexander the Great”, on April 5. The race starts in Pella, the birthplace of Alexander The Great in ancient Macedonia, and ends 42 km later by the White Tower in the Thermaikos bay. Runners can also participate in either a 5km or 10km race during the same time. Read more here: http://www.atgm.gr/index.php/en

On a sad note I say good bye to my Garmin Forerunner 10.  The wGARMINrist band snapped and I ended up having to carry it around. Then to top it off it stopped clocking miles during one commute run to work a few weeks back.  So in a panic I had to purchase a new one.  I quite like this one as it has a Heart Rate Monitor and steps counter so I can monitor my footfall each day.  So far I’ve been averaging between 7, 000 to 10, 000 steps on rest days and exercise days.   All exercise is good exercise.

Happy spring, I hope all those that are still training are having fun getting their long runs in.